Advancement of Social Inclusion and Integration of Persons with Disabilities

What is the project about

Different challenges remain in the area of integration and rehabilitation of persons with disabilities in Turkmenistan. There is little social partnership and cooperation of various public organizations working in this area. Access to infrastructure and public services for persons with physical disabilities is not available at the moment, including in those state organizations and agencies which are supposed to serve as a role model in terms of accessibility of facilities for persons with disabilities. Finally, there are not many public outreach activities highlighting the importance of social and economic integration of persons with disabilities.

Considering all these challenges, UNDP and the Deaf and Blind Society of Turkmenistan (DBST) are building upon previous experience and cooperation on social and economic integration of visually and hearing impaired people into society.

The overall goal of the project is to further advance social inclusion and integration of persons with disabilities and establish networking between DBST and similar institutions and partnerships with government institutions, local authorities, private sector, and international development community.

  1. Raise the capacity of Deaf and Blind Society of Turkmenistan in addressing the needs of deaf and blind people
  2. Revise the national legislation for compliance with CRPD
  3. Promote employment opportunities for people with disabilities
  4. Raise public awareness on social and economic inclusion of people with disabilities

What have we accomplished so far

  • 14 visually impaired people started providing massage services for fee in rural areas after completion of 4 month professional rehabilitation training conducted in 2012 year in the framework of joint UNDP/DBST project “Advancement of Social Inclusion and Integration of Persons with Disabilities.” Among them 2 women and 12 men, and their monthly earnings vary from 20 to 80 USD, which is complementary to their disability cash benefits.
  • 14 newly trained sign language interpreters help 190 workers of Deaf and Blind Society of Turkmenistan (DBST) with hearing impairments in overcoming communicational barriers during working hours and different events organized by DBST. Sign language interpreters also available to 1,183 hearing impaired people to communicate on different matters with employers, hospitals, communal and post offices, and other public places.
  • In 2012 and 2013 the International Day of Persons with Disabilities was celebrated and concerts with performance of members of DBST, exhibitions of art works of visually and hearing impaired people and products of DBST organized to raise public awareness on importance on social inclusion of people with disabilities.
  • Two five-day workshops on basics of sign language and typhlo pedagogics and methods of teaching general subjects to visually and hearing impaired children was organized in August for teachers from specialized schools and specialists from the Departments of Education from Ashgabat and 5 velayats.
  • Recommendations on introduction of relevant changes into legislation of Turkmenistan in compliance with the CRPD developed by the International Consultant and discussed with national stakeholders on 5-6 December 2013 to identify priorities for disability policy and follow up actions.
  • The proposal and recommendations on promoting employment policies for people with disabilities were discussed during the Consultation Meeting with national stakeholders on 28 November 2013. The recommendations vary from creating a disability committee or commission to introducing job quotas for people with disabilities and upgrading facilities of the Deaf and Blind Society of Turkmenistan to create more job places for people with disabilities. Dialogue regarding employment opportunities for PWDs  among key stakeholders initiated. Various models and practices of promoting employment of people with disabilities discussed.
  • Delegation of Turkmen officials from Mejlis, ministries of education, health, and labor and social protection participated in the study visit hold in Helsinki in February 2013 and learnt best practices in inclusion and integration of PWDs. Visiting Finnish Parliament, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland “Kela,” the Ministry of Education and Culture, the National Council on Disability, the Social Services and Health Care Department of Helsinki, and other organizations Turkmen delegation improved their understanding of how Finnish public organizations provide services to people with disabilities and represent their interests based on the principle “nothing about us without us.”
  • Several Round Tables (Consultation Meeting, Forum, and Legislation Review on Compliance with CRPD) with participation of governmental agencies and ministries and public organizations as well as international and national companies held to discuss and promote social and economic integration of persons with disabilities. During disability policy dialogues priorities for follow up activities identified by the ministries of education, health, labor and social protection (train social workers, introducing a job quotes for people with disabilities, address help to vulnerable groups, changes in procedures in formulation of disability). 3 companies agreed to procure products produced in DBST facilities.
  • DBST brochure and website ( developed to increase public awareness on issues of social inclusion of people with disabilities in society and provide access to information on laws and regulations related to people with disabilities in different areas of education, health, employment, news and activities of the DBST. The created website will promote products produced by hearing and visually impaired people, and help establish networking and business relationships with companies and other organizations.

Who Finances it

 Donor Amount contributed, USD
UNDP 23,091.08 (1st year) + 46,000 (2nd year)
Government of Finland 60,216.98 (1st year) + 82,604 (2nd year)
Total budget 211,912

Delivery in previous fiscal year(s)

Year Amount, USD
2012 83,308
2013 118,387
Project period
Geographic coverage
Focus area
Human development
Deaf and Blind Society of Turkmenistan
Focal points
UNDP Deputy Resident Representative

Ms. Cao Lin


Project manager

Ms. Irina Dedova


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