Providing Support to the Institution of the Newly Selected Ombudsperson for Human Rights in Turkmenistan

What is the project about

Turkmenistan adopted the new Law on Ombudsperson in 2017 to establish independent human rights body. The Parliament elected the Ombudsperson in March 2017.

The powers of the Ombudsperson include the right to conduct surprising inspections of places of detention, corrections and to request and receive necessary materials and information from entities regardless of their organizational forms. The Ombudsperson submits annual progress report about the situation with human rights in the country for consideration of the President and presents this report to the Parliament.

This project will provide assistance to build the institutional capacity and ability of newly established Ombudsperson Office to protect and promote human rights and fulfil its functions and mandate in line with the Paris Principles is strengthened.

Expected outcomes

·      conduct needs analysis and design a roadmap for Strategy with a detailed action plan and a budget for the institutional development of the Ombudsperson

·      design rules of procedure (including e.g. clear guidance on handling complaints)

·      review the existing machinery of people complains, including development of recommendations and design Guidelines for review of complains.

The project includes three components

Component 1: Strengthening institutional capacity of the Ombudsperson’s Office in accordance with the Paris Principles.

Component 2: Establishing collaboration for the promotion and protection of human rights .

Component 3: Raising knowledge and awareness of population at large on the work of the Ombudsperson’s Office and human rights in general.

Overall project budget for 2017-2018 $53,450.00

Who Finances it

British Embassy in Turkmenistan

$53,450.00USD (£ 40,000.00)

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