Strengthening capacity in labour and employment policy planning and implementation

What is the project about

In 2015, the Government of Turkmenistan approved its Program on modernization of the employment services and creation of new jobs for 2015-2020. The Program sets forth the task of creation of favourable conditions for the people seeking jobs and promoting employment in all sectors of economy, underlining that is primary responsibility of the state and the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the Population of Turkmenistan. This will require efforts in many areas including improvements in legislation, developing new labour and employment programs and mechanisms, learning best international practices, and developing methodologies to research the needs of the fast-changing employment market.

This project aims to support the Ministry in planning and implementing the labour and employment policies and strategies, and includes the following three components: i) improving the legislative basis in the area of labour and employment; ii) modernizing the current labour safety system; and iii) strengthening the national capacity to regulate labour market and employment. 

Expected result

Result 1. Recommendations for improvement of the legislative framework of Turkmenistan in the area of labour and employment addresses the need of aligning the national legislation in accordance with the international legal instruments in the area of labour and employment.

Result 2: Recommendations for modernization of the current labour safety system addresses the need to create institutional and legislative framework for monitoring of standards implementation in the area of labour safety in Turkmenistan.

Result 3: Strengthened national capacity to regulate labour market and employment addresses the issues related to improvement of labour market regulatory mechanisms, including legislative and institutional mechanisms.


Who Finances it


Government Cost-sharing:


Addionally mobilized funds:


TMT 679 312 ($194 089) TMT 350 672 ($100 192) TMT 1 107 409 ($316 403)




TMT 2 137 393 ($610 684)     

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