Cooperation in implementation of the NHRAP for 2016-2020 in the area of rule of law and the access to justice

What is the project about

Turkmenistan is one of the first countries in the region to accede to the major international conventions and instruments relating to human rights. The country participates in regular dialogues under major international human rights Treaty Bodies and has accepted a number of international recommendations as a part of concluding observations of the Treaty Bodies.

However, it should be noted, that having acceded to these international conventions, and having adopted national mechanisms for their implementation, Turkmenistan still has the space for improvement in several areas relating to human rights.

For this purpose, UNDP project supports the Supreme Court of Turkmenistan in implementation of its obligations under the Constitution of Turkmenistan, National Human Rights Action plan for 2016-2020, and Sustainable Development Goals that Turkmenistan undertook upon itself in the area of rule of law and access to justice.

Project components

Three main project components aim at support of the development of the judicial system, adoption of the best legislative practices and provision of accessible legal services to the citizens and residents of Turkmenistan.

Component 1: Judges, as well as law enforcement, Ministry of Justice employees, and Bar Association are familiar with Turkmenistan’ international obligations in the area of human rights related to the rule of law and access to justice;

Component 2: Learning of the best legislative practices and reviewing and revising the laws and regulations pertaining to criminal justice, non-discrimination and human rights reviewed and amended in line with new Constitution, Turkmenistan’s obligations in the area of human rights, and recommendations of UN human rights;

Component 3: Justice institutions provide accessible, affordable, efficient and quality services to resolve citizens complains in accordance to national legislation and international obligations of Turkmenistan.

Overall project budget for 2017-2019 TMT 2,424,592.03 ($692,740.58)

Who Finances it


Government Cost-sharing:



TMT 493,115.39 ($140,890.11) TMT 472,500.00 ($135,000.00) 


TMT 780,651.77 ($223,043.36)  TMT 175,000.00 ($50,000.00) 


TMT 324,376.88 ($92,679.11)

TMT 178,948.00 ($51,128.00)



TMT 1,598,144.03 ($456,612.58)  TMT 826,448.00 ($236,128.00) 

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