Strengthening the Management Effectiveness of the Protected Area System of Turkmenistan

What is the project about

The globally significant biodiversity of Turkmenistan is partially protected through a System of Protected Areas covering nearly 4% of the territory. Under current conditions, the Protected Area System (PAS) of Turkmenistan is however not effectively safeguarding the country’s unique biodiversity. The long-term solution proposed by this project is a reconfigured System of Protected Areas that is designed to protect a representative sample of Turkmenistan’s biodiversity under an effective and adaptive management regime. This project will assist Turkmenistan to consolidate and physically link a number of proximate fragments of different categories of protected areas with high biodiversity significance, into a single, more cohesive management unit - a National Nature Park.  

This project complements the national efforts in expanding and strengthening the PA System, including establishment of National Nature Parks. The project address the above barriers through expanding the Protected Area System to improve the representation and coverage of the Protected Area System and supporting development of an adequate systemic, institutional and individual capacity for management of the expanded Protected Area System.

What have we accomplished so far

  • In 2012, the Mejlis passed the law “On Protected Areas” and the Regulation “On the National Parks”, which were drafted with UNDP support
  • Drafting of a 5-year Strategic Management Plan and detailed Annual Management Plan for the planned national park “Sumbar” is under way. GIS Maps of all State Nature Reserves have been drafted and submitted to the Ministry of Nature Protection for review
  • The 3rd edition of the Red Data Book of Turkmenistan (Flora and Fauna) was released with the project support
  • Preparation of the new edition of the Red Data Book of Turkmenistan (flora and fauna)
  • Staff of nature reserves and the Ministry of Nature Protection increased their capacity in a series of seminars and workshops

Who Finances it

Donor Amount contributed, USD
Global Environment Facility 950,000
UNDP 60,000
Total budget 1,010,000

Delivery in previous fiscal year(s)

Year Amount, USD
2009 30,123
2010 50,679
2011 222,000
2012 281,000
Project period
Geographic coverage
Focus Area
Environment & Energy
Ministry of Nature Protection of Turkmenistan
Focal points
Programme Officer

Mr. Rovshen Nurmuhamedov


Project Manager

Ms. Shirin Karryyeva


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