National Biodiversity Planning to Support the implementation of the CBD 2011-2020 Strategic Plan in Turkmenistan

What is the project about

This project aims to integrate Turkmenistan’s obligations under the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) into its national development and sectoral planning frameworks.  This integration will be done through renewed and participative biodiversity planning process.  More specifically, the project will ensure a participatory stocktaking exercise on biodiversity planning to develop national biodiversity targets, to integrate new aspects of the CBD into the national Strategic Action Plan and establish new national framework for resource mobilization, reporting and other aspects of CBD national implementation.

The project will be implemented by relevant ministries under the general coordination by the Ministry of Nature Protection of Turkmenistan.

What have we accomplished so far

In 2013

·  held an Inception Workshop to initiate the participatory planning process

·  reviewed the planning process, achieved results and shortfalls of the BSAP planning process

·  developed the principles and methodology on new ways of technical cooperation with the government of Turkmenistan

In 2014

·  developed methodology and performed national exercise of economic valuation of ecosystem services with developing capacity on economic valuation

·  with the wide stakeholder participation, designed national Aichi targets and defined the national biodiversity conservation strategy

·  performed development of action plan within environmental and production sectors, including agricultural, water management, oil and gas, transport, construction, fishery, tourism and environmental protection

In 2015

·   fulfilled the reporting under the Convention of Biodiversity, including 5th national report and 2nd report on Cartagena protocol.

·   created and being enriched the CHM (clearing house mechanism) of the country to exchange biodiversity information

·   for CHM administration, the team of local specialist is trained

·   started the development of the detailed plans for each sector to implement the biodiversity strategy, including capacity needs assessment

·   Project publications are here

Who Finances it

Donor Amount contributed, USD
Global Environment Facility 220,000
UNDP 40,000
Total budget 260,000

Delivery in previous fiscal year(s)

Year Amount, USD
2013 123,700
2014 141,461
2015 127,017