National Climate Change Strategy of Turkmenistan

11 Dec 2015

Turkmenistan actively takes part in international efforts and international cooperation in handling climate change issues and implementation of UN FCCC and Kyoto Protocol provisions.


During the years of independence Turkmenistan has made considerable achievements in the field of economic development. A national model of market economy has been formed in the country to promote its dynamic growth. The foundation for the further development of Turkmenistan is a friendly-use approach to the utilization of Turkmenistan’s abundant natural resources, the implementation of modern techniques and state-of-the-art technologies.


Given that climate change can affect various socio-economic and environmental aspects, there will be a need to develop and apply adaptation measures for reducing vulnerabilities of climate change. It will become very critical to ensure long-term adaptation to these consequences. This implies implementing corrective measures in infrastructure, legislative base and institutional framework.


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